I see you eyeing my ocarina of time...

I see you eyeing my ocarina of time...

Argh, old costume is OLD! I haven't worn this thing for three years now! I sort of miss wearing it, but I've been working my butt off on a TP Zelda costume (for, frankly, way too long) and will be debuting it quite soon, so all is well. :3

This was one of my favorite shots from a shoot that I did with Lionboogy back in 2005. Its the last picture that I will ever get to post of this costume. Farwell~!

Costume by me
Photo by lionboogy

Princess Zelda
The Leged of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda
11 years ago

negativedreamer very nice costume, i need to find me a ocarina zelda too :(

Zoroko Oooo~ I love this shot too!~ Lovely~~

Hiyoko-chan your Zelda is gorgeous! straight out of the game! *O*

Forcebewitya Yay its good to see OoT Zelda gettin some love ^_^

Miyabi- I love your armor! How did you get it together out of curiousity? I've been searching for ways to make mine to where I don't have to actually attach it to the dress...lol

Jaquii <b>Zaoron</b>~ I can't really remember, to be honest. I comissioned it from a man who lives in Wisconsin; I was fortunate enough that he made Ocarinas in blue, lol. When I got it, I decorated the mouth piece with an air hardening clay. <b>Miyabi</b>~ The armor is just one unit that I slip on over my head; everything is connected with tiny little elastic hoops that are connected by the rings that connect the armor and the breast plate together. The breast plate has velcro glued to the front and back pieces (as does the shirt). All in all, it makes for pretty versitile armor! Good luck! :)

xKasumix Wow very pretty Zelda! *O*

The-Real-Link A great shot, even if it's old!