Armstrong Right Side Chest Pose

Armstrong Right Side Chest Pose

Thanks to acparadise for taking this picture of me as Armstrong XD. I think it came out really well.

Fullmetal Alchemist
Major Armstrong
Sakura Con 08
13 years ago

SvK I'm in the background!

SailorAnime Man, you make such an awesome Armstrong and that pose is absolutely perfect! XD

Omega Corn Okita, Razor, and Mitsurugi make splendid background props.

Crystalike Amazing! You look just like Armstrong!

renonuthzhakrin *purrs*

Reamy Holy crap. You ARE Armstrong. Dagum~!

neoangelwink ^_^ you have great arms

Sjoukje Thank you for your comment ^_^ Talking about gorgeous! Wow incredible muscles *_* Rawr!

toriseiya You are Sexy mr Armstrong!

Lostdreamz You look just like him, its amazing by far the best I've seen of Armstrong! ^_^ Looking forward to pics with ya at Otakon, working out the kinks in my Winry still!

Izeekial I just want to thank everyone for posting it ^__^. I know I said it before, but it makes me so motivated to push harder! Next stop Otakon and an improved Armstrong :D.

kazenokai515 wow sweet XD actual muscles cool ^^

kalifa_neumans really you look so nice!!!, i love to armstrong he´s so very strong and nice *-*, congratulations :3 and thank you for you comment n_n!

Core The background samurai wants kill you!!O_O!!!! XDD

cloudwarrior pretty sick man i give you props not alot of guys actually put forth the energy and time into actually getting into the body build of the character. so keep it up man you got some cool outfits :D