Maakie Taken in a room decorated with old furniture. These 2 big chairs really felt like the King and Queens' seats!

A friend of mine is cosplaying Mokuba:

This picture was made by Bob Vlemmix in 2010/2011. His only website I know is: If you are Bob, or know a better website/portfolio from him, let me know!
I have done an cosplay-act with this cosplay, look for it here:
I have been a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan since I was about 12 years old and really loved the Duel Monster series. When I re-watched the series a few years later fully in Japanese, I just fell in love with Noah. His evil personality…his shorts! I just had to cosplay him!

Easier said than done, because all the parts of this cosplay were really scrapped together from all sorts of places! xD Some parts were made for me, some by myself, others parts found in local shops, some online… I am still the most happy with the (brown-leather boys-uniform)shoes I found for this costume, I have used them a lot with other costumes since then and they are really comfy to wear.