gauntlets completed

gauntlets completed
The Legend of Zelda
Magic Armor Link
Magic Armor Link
10 years ago

NytenGale you colored them?? WHY ON EARTH DID YOU COLOR THEM!!!!!?? GOD! the lime green was AMAZING!

Forcebewitya Yeah I've thought about that we'll see though I dont know exactly how that would work to be honest

Lady Tyrona ....I'm totally disapointed in made a perfect crazy color magic armor link and now you go and paint it all perfect gold weathered like!!? ;). .. .. .. .. .. Totally joking. The gauntlets look perfect! I so love the design of them! Great job :)

Forcebewitya yeah I honestly would like to do that but as I was saying I dont know what kind of paint I could do it with ya know?

The-Real-Link They still have this aged, timeless look to them though so that's cool.

MelonPlay I think they look awesome *__* even if u would add a bit more paint. it'd still look awesome! (duh <.< xD )