Princess Midna

Princess Midna

This photo is one of my favorites. X)
I will take this costume to Finncon-Animecon '08 to wear on the second day. After the con I will have some better photos. :D

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Midna (true form)
10 years ago

LadyCerbero beautiful pic *0* great Midna!

Choi Amazing cosplay , nice job. Cool makeup and details.

negativedreamer good job!

Pixel_Ninja Wonderful pic! Amazing cosplay! Looks like you put a lot of work into making everything just right. ^_^ Great job! :D

chibiplum You look lovely!

FrozenNight Beautiful!

Aselea Awesome work on the details, and I just love the wig. ^_^

Forcebewitya very nice midna!

Michela I love the windswept look in your cape! This is a beautiful picture. :)

Traci-girl I can see the love that went into this costume. You look incredible. Here's one for the portfolio! ^^

AanZku tää on kyl mun lemppari ^^

bornahorse Wow, this is very beautiful, and "clean", I can tell you spent alot of work to get it just right. ^_^ Those shoes totally rock.

SanctusIX nice pic!!!

Meruz Oh my GOSH, This is incredible!! Your wig is so beautiful, The pose. The make up. The costume. You are BEAUTIFUL. <3

Pudding-chan So gorgeous!