Wig stylin' lol

Wig stylin' lol

So yeah this is my wig for Magic Armor Link. I have the ears too but I forgot them at home. Me and InkyLink were styling wigs together lol it was kinda amusing.

Magic Armor Link
10 years ago

erocksan-link you guys are crazy man hahahahxD

Dante-chan "Like dude, Where's my Sword?" lawlz meant no offend, just silliness =D Have you gotten asked yet: Where'd you get your wigs at? Because meh wondering. Can't wait for your magic armor link. good luck

InkyLink ROFL-CAKES. -InkyLink

Ononoke You guys look so dorky. Nice wig.

Forcebewitya Oh I got this wig off cosworx sorry for the delayed response 0_0