Oh mah lawad, it's Zhaelda!
For the first time since February 2006, I made a costume that involved wearing a dress! This is my Zelda, which was debuted at Anime Boston 2008.
The design is based upon her Twilight Princess gown with the pink/Ocarina of Time color scheme from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
The photo was taken by Lionel and edited by me. Additional graphics are courtesy of <a href="http://causticstock.deviantart.com" target="new">Caustic Stock</a>.

Princess Zelda
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Princess Zelda
12 years ago

NiGHTmaren I love the colors, you look so pretty!

Tess This turned out beautifully! I especially love the detailing around the bottom hem.

Michela Thank you very much! The alternate color scheme and the hemline painting are my favorite parts of the costume. ^_^

Crystalike just BEAUTIFUL!!!! the painted details are AMAZING, the background is beautiful, your face is just perfect for all the characters you cosplay, and the details OWN me. I'm so honored to have seen this in person! <3

negativedreamer i always love seeing your work. excellent job!

Michela Thank you, everybody! Meketaten: I wish that I could say that I hired magical fairies to help me make the costume, but alas, I made it with my own hands. :D For the designs at the hem, I made a pattern that was proportionate to each panel of the dress (with a bit of creative licence from the game - instead of making the top a diamond, I gave it a Fleur-des-lis design because I thought it look more regal.) which I traced with pencil all around the dress, then hand painted with fabric paint (I used 3 different colors in the gradients.)

Jaquii What a stunning picture! The background is gorgeous and so is the costume! Great job! :D

Lady Tyrona I love that you did your own version of zelda. And I love the color gradient, great idea and in case you cant make it up from this message: you look really really good...or should I say smashing?^_^

Glamour Mew Mew you look so nice!!!!! very good costume!!!!!!

shadowsage Aww...you're so beautiful!

Michela Thank you! *_*

lunaladyoflight I <3 you Michela. This costume is too gorgeous :)

MEGHANCLAPOINTE u are as Gorgeous as ever Michela. and congrats for winning an award for this gorgeous jaw dropping cosplay!!

xKasumix Wow your Zelda is stunning! I love how all the details of the dress come out here. Wonderful job on it! :)

HimeZelda I love how you did Super Smash Brothers Brawl Pink outfit! It's so beautiful! ^.^

Michela Thanks everybody! <3 Meketaten: It's amazing that you wore the Zelda dress to the prom! I hope you had a fabulous time. :D

Ranma 1-2 Wow your costumes are so intricate and detailed! Beautifull work!

Michela Thank you *_*

Maboroshi awesome.