Another Season...

Another Season...
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So, I realized that I hadn't ever uploaded any pictures from ALA, maybe because I didn't really make any new epic costumes to wear there.

BUT, it was my debut as Remus Lupin (school version), so I guess I should have at least one picture of him up.

Lupin is by far my favorite Harry Potter character, and it took me up to this year to realize I could just go and crossplay him XD

The cloak is the only thing that was made for this outfit, I already had the sweater and tie from my Hermione outfit, pants are work pants, shoes are my Ouran uniform shoes and the scarf is from Noble Collection.

Pic by Jason of

Remus Lupin
Harry Potter Series
11 years ago

Psyposer Lupin's SO cool!!! *u* great job~~

Lucifer Looks wonderful! Love the scarring!

etaru You look great as always! ^^

Solaria MINE. You better upload more than one... even though we have like five to choose from between us. XD But you're just too cute as Lupin!

tehblackhayate Aiiieee! You make the very best REMUS LUPIN EVER!!! Wow, you cease to amaze me... Awesome work. So many times Remus's scars are forgotten... Which is CRAZY!! Amazing. Bravo.

Sonsko-chan You make such a nice Remus. And I think you'll really got the solemn attitude down. (which is, in fact, amazing.)