Final Eternal Tiare!!

Final Eternal Tiare!!

Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!! (End of series)

Here is a collage of photos for the wand.
I wasn't planning on making the wand for Eternal Sailor Moon. Things just seem to fall into place especially since I kind of got glue gun and gem crazy.

I really think it turned out well. Enjoy!

Eternal Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
Eternal Sailor Moon
Eternal Sailor Moon
10 years ago

ScuzzyToast Shiny. :D Outstanding detail! Props to your patience. o_o;;

ichigo-chan7 *.* wows

Fernlavern Wow! That's so pretty!

Seva Amazing job ! *_*

Elsch Wonderful work.

Shina great work!!! *.*

mercure Awesome! *.* ~♥

effervescence Woooow. That is absolutely lovely!

rosabella WOW!!! This prop is sooo awsome. Great job ^^

x_mika_x it's awesome *_________* you did a great job^^

sushiaddict When I saw you caring this at A-Kon I was extreammmly impressed! Amazing job! ^^

Gloha_h You made these? jealous.... ;)

usakou looks great!