Yeah, I just had to make this costume... ~__^

Yeah, I just had to make this costume... ~__^

The proper Hanzo sword is still in my cosplay sweatshop. Like I have time to finish things quickly around here... argh... But those are Asic Onitzuka Tiger shoes. Leather-painted to match the fabric.

Beatrix Kiddo
14 years ago

Sweet~Pea nice costume :)

Dewy Blonde hair suits you well...hehe ^^

BlueLady lookin sexy XD you wearing that to Ani as the official Uma ?

AngilAdora Great job!! :D

Taisou *Glomps* MINE! *waits for her to slice his head off* :-p

aimee OMFG *glom*

RikkuX omg thats so cool!!!!!!!

Rameana Yeah!!!! That rocks!! You did a great job. ^_^ I can't wait to see the sword.

Kairi G awesome, i had hoped to make this one too sometime its so awesome!, id prolly bloody mine up a bit too :P great job!

Anele I think you match her well. ^_^ Congrats on another great costume.

Pikacello ^_^

OkiET-maru that's beyond awesome... Oki~

ThatOneGuy That is one of the coolest Cosplays I've seen. Awesome job.

ElvishBoi Mmmm... sexy in yellow XD And a cool cosplay too, I haven't really seen a lot of Kill Bill Cosplay ^^

Lady Saya Whee!!A Beatrix cosplayer!!You did a great job..:D

Vespaa ADOPT ME! Just kidding, you look great in this costume. ^^ I love Kill Bill. Be sure to do the, "Five Point Exploding Heart" technique on any Bill cosplayers you may see. ;)

Chibi Plush Toy Aww it was great seeing you for a few seconds at ComicCon ^^ (I was the Aerith waving frantically at you XD) you look soo prettie!

Angel Tifa You look cool! You look just like her too ;)!

AmazonMandy *_* AOMG you loo Awesome...very sexy and cute!! :)

Uthardar CooL^_^

Integral F.W.H. Looks really great! Amazing)

Shunko_master OMG - the best looking Beatrix I've seen. *glomps and then runs away screaming*

Javakat343 Cosplaying kick A** girls suit you really well. I guess you have a hard face so you can pull it off. I have a gentler face and I look to young to be able to do Bride or Trinity

iheartexploding Awesome kill bill cosplay :)

Chistina199 wow! you actually really look like Beatrix! or i should probably say Uma Thurman :D Great job!