Um, Guyz? Can we leave the ass end of space now?

Um, Guyz? Can we leave the ass end of space now?
@Scruffy Rebel

Hey look, it's totally like the other shot I have up...but at an angle! ooOOOooo angle. Hey I like it >.> And the boot looks good in this one. Last upload from this set, I promise!

Pic by Brian Boling

Princess Leia
Star Wars Series
11 years ago

bobbarker31 I'll let you know when i get tired of seeing these. ;p (that is not any time soon)

Albel-Nox wow~ O____________________________O

Archelon Basically what bobbarker31 said.

Amiya Beautiful photo~

Lillyxandra This costume is amazing! Your making so many fanboys dreams come true XD

Leandaradara you're beautiful!! and amazing picture!!! and the costume is as simple as it may be, wonderful!!!

NiGHTmaren I love the detail work involved in your costume, and the scenery is amazing!

klytaemnestra You are smokin' hot, woman.

FantasyNinja This is VERY, VERY cool!! The details of your costume are wonderful! And the setting looks like something straight out of the movie ^___^

Katie You could upload this same shot from like, 50 different angles, and KATIE WOULD NOT CARE.