Stranded on Tatooine...

Stranded on Tatooine...
@Scruffy Rebel

another shot from the desert photoshoot. I'm so tickled with all of these.

Please ignore my droopy boot, I really need to make new ones D:

Pic by Brian Boling

Sorry, had to replace first upload, noticed an error. All fixed now :)

Princess Leia
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Princess Leia
Slave Leia
11 years ago

Fire Lily Very nice - I love the colors!

Solaria Haha, for a second, your armband looked like a tattoo to me, and I was all, "Wait a minute..."

Katie Carrie Fisher called. She wouldn't stop BAWWWing about this picture and you looking hotter than her. Can you try and tune down the sexy a little? Woman just won't leave me alone, SHEESH!

inu-chan00 hubbahubbaa BABY~~ *slips a 20$ on thong :D?* you make me a happy star wars fangirly..yes you do.

Keiran Awesome!

Random Karen O____O I think I drooled on my keyboard *checks* Yup. Dare I ask for you to rewear this once/if I get my Jedi Luke fixed up? I would love a HAWT sister to rescue!

bobbarker31 :3..... just burned up another Bayer LCD here at work again. ;p

DaniiChan Favorite Leia everrrr

minakocat wow, that is really amazing! costume looks sooo great and you actually look JUST like her! great job! :D

KANEDA if there's a bright center to the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from,... taking awesome pics.

Elsch Looks great! ^^

Leandaradara you're amazing *___* beautiful!!!!

MisatoNpenpen this is really, really sexy! and I LOVE the location!

Arkadia Woo Woo! Sexah lady!

Tess EPICCC. :3

GoddessofFlash This is such a gorgeous shot! this costume is amazing! you are the perfect Leia *.*

yamibakura666 waddaya know, there is a god!!(just kidin, you look sexy as hell!)