Desert Princess

Desert Princess
@Scruffy Rebel

Photoshoot I took with Brian many months ago in the Las Vegas desert and am only now getting up XD

Pic by Brian Boling

Princess Leia
Star Wars
Princess Leia
Slave Leia
11 years ago

Sweet~Pea hoooot. That's such a neat shot ^_^

Jinyo This makes me wanna cosplay Jabba. *eats more*

princess mekare The armor pieces are really well made and the background is perfect!

kusogaki Can I be Jabba? :BB

klytaemnestra So fabulous. I love the location. You're such a gorgeous Leia.

maggifan yay! you look so awesome! the picture looks great!

Rosebud Ohh~ you look AMAZING Vic! ;o; Wow!

etaru Seriously, you look so incredibly pretty!

LadyAmaryllis It's Tatooineeeee! SO AWESOME.

Sana-chan Hellooooooooooooooooo sexy lady >DDD Though I must say I'm a little sad you're only just NOW posting these. *wants more*

Marius_Sulla i love your lea cosplay. you look alot like her

bobbarker31 Thanks for inspiring me to work on more Star Wars cosplay. ;p

Vani *0* You... are stunning!!! This is PERFECT!

_bang You kind of dwarf the beauty of the background scenery. That's a talent in its own right. :p

erockson amazing