Angel Blades

Angel Blades

Taken at AnimeExpress of my new Pit costume. My boyfriend took this photo, he's practicing photography with his new camera. I also finally got to wear it with the set of wings I made for it. The old wings were from my Chibi-Usa cosplay, and too big to wear for more than a half hour (and too painful, gah!). I love this move in Brawl, called Angel Blades, so I recreated it the best I could. I've loved PIt in his Kid Icarus days, and getting to play as him in Brawl after a two year wait was definately worth it.

Pit / Kid Icarus
Super Smash Bros.
Pit / Kid Icarus
Pit - Super Smash Brothers Brawl
10 years ago

Albel-Nox oh my i love your little wings *___* the angelblades are so awesome *_____* i'm so in love with everything *-*

!*Jessi-Chan*! awesome as always ^_^

dennisud2015 There's My girl! And 'Winging' it so well too! ;-) Can't wait to see you soon kid and chrais as well! Laters!

Kenshin Himura Well I still need to play with my camera more to take better pics! Still you look great as always.

Elsch awesome~ *_*

Korinchan As epic as your Chibi Usa wings are, these are *much* better for Pit...and for you to wear! XD Great job as always.

LeDoodles wow, awesome costume and pic