Shinpachi in all his simplicity

Shinpachi in all his simplicity

Well I really did this costume for my brother because I didn't want his Gintoki to be all alone. It will be worn at Sakura-con next weekend and I doubt anyone will notice who I am ^^;;

Shinpachi Shimura
Gin Tama
Shinpachi Shimura
Shinpachi Shimura - Gintama
10 years ago

missind33 Shinpachi! Awesome Shinpachi, Gintama rocks!

GreenRiderNikki Thanks!! I totally agree with you, Gintama does rock!

Rikkizilla You are such a fantastic Shinpachi! Well done ^_^! *was the very annoying/shortest Gintoki*

GreenRiderNikki OMG it you!! You were just so awesome!! I'm glad you convinced me to wear the costume again on Saturday and thankful the other group of Gintama cosplayers found ya! That photoshoot was fun even though I'm lame and don't really know how to the work my character at the photoshoot's. If I wasn't so anti-social I would clung onto you like an evil monkey child!

Satsukina I really love this picture. xD I don't know why, but it's just really cute. You make a great Shinpachi! <3

Nelo woaaah, you look so much like Shinpachi! Great cosplay!

GreenRiderNikki Awww thank you for the wonderful comments. I look like Shinpachi XD. NOOOOOO!! Just kidding ^^ it's nice to know that I did the character some cosplay justice.

Benihime78 Incredible cosplay- You look just like him! Now all you need is some Otsu-chan stuff and you'll be set XD.