Dark Elf

Dark Elf

Uhm.. hello? XD
I wonder if people still remember me? *_*;;

It's been ages since my last cosplay. XD
I just wanted to post my newest costume: LineageII Dark Elf~
NEVER AGAIN.. bodypainting.. *_*;; How can people do that more than once?? T_T

And that costume was so rushed. X_X;
Came out kinda nice though. ^^;

Staff is made by my friend, not mine~ Photo is a bit crappy because the light was not the best. T_T

I wont do much more projects like that.. just small stuff.

And I am just TOO stupid for the new site layout here. *_*;;; Too much changes. T_T

Darl Elf Spellhowler
Lineage II
Dark Elf
11 years ago

BuuZero wow that rocks, nice job on the skin coloring

malro Oh!!! Wooow! XD Dark majestic!!!!!!! I'm in love! Great job! ^^

Dante-san *o* awesome^^

Elaïse omg it's so class!!!

Albel-Nox Ich hab dich schon wieder nicht gesehen T____T~~ *schnuffel* Your costume is magnificent~~ Maybe you finish it in such a short time, but it suits you so much~ I had think about making a costume with bodypaint but know XD~~

Yossi This is made of awesome *o* And don't worry about the new layout - once you get used to it it's quite nice ^^

WindoftheStars I feel your pain on body paint! It's such a pain to put on and even just wear around, but the effects are soooo worth it in the end. Your Dark Elf look AMAZING. Even if you rushed it I can't tell from this photo that's for sure! The details are so nicely done and so they are crisp and clean. I hope you do more like these in the future! So awesome. Nice to see stuff from you again. ^^

maggifan wow! this is too amazing! :D

Fiona Mola miiiiiil.^_^

LadyCerbero amazing *O*

Makkuro ... hab dich mal wieder nicht gesehen, schade, diese hervorragende Arbeit hätte ich mir gerne aus der Nähe angesehen!!! Great work!!!

Layla Vanilla nyahaha *loves your duelfe*

Miki-san my oh my! What a amzing cosplay!

Ginny Very cool!

Shirak Sexy dark elf costume!! I love it! ^_^

neko_juanito freaking amazing costume and so sexy =^_^=

mirrorsaber Thats really amazing.

ShiNo_Usagi Fricken' Sweet! You look so Amazing, I don't even recognize you!

DizzyConscience You look great, this photo is awesome. :]

Cvy always so fabulous! love the props

Ariah Beautiful *_* amazing costume !

Marley Krass, wusste kenn dich irgendwoher ... net erkannt ô_0, obwohl ich vor dir stand draußen am wasser (LBM) *gg* Done a awesome job as always, my regards and respect to the craftsman. All three of you looked awesome, i'm "not amused" that you couldn't take part at the contest because of the origin. keep on rockin ;) *both thumbs up*

neoPootling always have been a fan ^^ and yay for body paint XD

Feder Yaehr... the light was nasty. >__> Ich hatte dich nicht erkannt und hätte Himbeer mir am Sonntag nicht gesagt das du das bist, wäre ich total an dir vorbei gerannt. >__< Aber gut sahst du wieder aus! *__*

celestial Ceres Awesome *__*

Carol Naru awesome!!! you looks beautiful =)

VisualGoth you are sooo cool! Great dark elf ^_^

Psyposer *u*~~~~~~~~ that's amazing~~ ahahahah nee bodypainting is terrible! aah i got my eyeborws blue for 3 days when i cosplay as Nightcrawler :u:~~

mitsuki_sairen oh. that. happened. to be. you.... Ich habe bereits ein Paar Photos auf Animexx gesehen, aber echt...nee, ich ahb dich voll nicht erkannt. Das geniale an Cosplay. hrhrhr Sieht klasse aus, aber schon krass, ich denke selbst wenn ich an der LBM dabei waer und neben dir stuende haette ich dich nicht erkannt OO

Shizuku ich habe dich am Anfang absolut nicht erkannt gehabt, entschuldige ;_; aber ich bin so froh, dass wir uns dennoch gesehen haben und sogar zusammen ein Fot machen &#9829; Your costume has so much details and is a very lovely work! Really amazing!

Milady gniiiiiii thats amazing ! you're pretty cool !

neoangelwink wow ^_^ that very awesome

FantasyNinja ^^ very cool!!!

x_mika_x that cos looks awesome^^ it doesn't look rushed at all ^^

Shina das is so mega toll *.*

Xellie-Pooh OMG that's soooooo cool. Elsch du hast dich mal wieder selbst übertroffen. Wow

Kaitou_voler Wow! that's amazing :D

etaru Dear, you look so AWESOME! I'm in love with your staff! <3

FrozenNight Amazing! *_*

Ino aaaaw that was so amazing~~~ you look so pretty, really cool *-*

AyrielDarkmoon Amazing, as always *-* Love all your costumes

i3eef I <3 Dark elves! Great job on the costume!

Chiko wow *________________* sugoi you look so pretty and perfect in every outfit

NiceBerry_Naomi OMG! IS THAT YOU? OMG (again!) You look too different but awesome ^^

reita oh... my... for gods sake this is fantastic!!!! GREAT work!

LiL KRN YUNA You leave me speechless...This is amazing!!

-Yuriko- You look great! ^^

Gilraen really cool costume*_*

Akroma Holy geez you look amazing! You skillz are so beyond awesome!

xKasumix OMG this is so stunning again! You look gorgeous! *______*