Eyes to Eyes

Eyes to Eyes

Crystalike beautiful! your eyes are stunning here!

Angel_Rinoa soo pretty

EndlessNights Beautiful picture *__* I love the bow ^^

banditYinG beautiful~

Imari-chan Very lovely~

rawr_its_jul x3 Amazing! Really pretty eyes ^-^ And you look just like her. Awesome job!

Solaria Your Saturn looks *amazing*.

Isarandel love your sailor saturn~~

RuDarling Gorgeous. This has to be one of the best cosplays I've seen, and is definitely a favorite. You're an inspiration.

ArwenEvenstar very pretty~!

danutza awesome^^

ray_tnh OMG! thanks for your comment ^^ you are such a beautiful girl and have really cool cosplays =D todays morningn I was watching your gallery ^^ thanks ^^ :***

NekoMimi16 Stunning!

Hanami OMG you are so beautiful *____*

aquasiren your eyes are simply amazing in this photo love it

Kiosuke_X Such beautiful eyes

-E-Chan- omg that is great

TalonNokone Nothing says beautiful like a sailor scout. =)

ran_ichihara amazing, you're so pretty!

Chocobo chic OMG that is beautiful!

Chocobo chic you look so pretty.....

fozzness wow... you look just like her and the costume is perfect! Great Job!!

QuixoticallyMe SO PRETTY! I love Sailor Saturn, and I love your cosplay! You really look spot on. <3

Jinx2ya SO AWESOME! really incredible .. great Suit and Great eyes