The soldier of destruction

The soldier of destruction

Sorano_Suzu Необыкновенно красиво *_*

chimei amazing!

fly_aguilera Восхитительно до крайности!

Zan This is gorgeous! You make such a beautiful Saturn!

Crystalike you are my favorite SAturn!

Lady_Selene so perfect!

miichan awwwwwesome *-*

Linny Binny Such an amazing costume! I'm really jealous, haha. You've got some great skills with designing and compiling this costume. Not to mention you're so beautiful! Love it!

kiarou O__O wow this sooo...amazing *0*

Takuya_Havok You are SUCH a beautiful Sailor Saturn!!

Silvana_Girl *dies* I WANT TO BE YOU. Amazing, so amazing. <3

shadowsage O.O Did you make your own weapon? This is incredible!

malro Thank you! ^^ No, the glaive was made by my friend and me together )

Broken Zebra Aaaaand I'm jealous, because you rock my socks off. Gorgeous, job well done.

Lafiel Simply the best sailor Saturn I have seen. She is my favourite scout so I'm glad to see someone go above and beyond doing her justice :)

Chelseahavoc That is so awesome! I've always wanted to cosplay as Saturn but have been unable too. you did an awesome job!

yayahan I am in love with all of your photos! *_* Your cosplays are beautiful and so are you!

TalonNokone You make it look so easy to be beautiful. *fan-boy eyes*

Mana Are I Absolutely amazing! You are THE best Saturn I have ever seen!

Lushi This is so amazing! You look beautiful, and make a great Sailor Saturn!

Itsuki Nobuko This cosplay is awsome ^_^ You look really cuteeeeee *_*

Chocobo chic Freakin amazing!

usakou kawaii ;3

LILYisatig3r this is PERFECT. i always loved sailor saturn, she's gorgeous. and her role is so sad D: your outfit is absolutely wonderful!