Classic Lara - progress

Classic Lara - progress
@Lady Tyrona

still in progress.....yes I know what you think: hell girl, how much time does some boots, backpack, shorts, holsters and top cost!? Well more time then I imagined!

The top is yes I have...3 different tops now, and this top is a latex one (like the Eidos lara croft models have).
So what needs to be done still?:
-the belt buckle: other color and a screw needs to be covered (Kudos to the amazing RBF who attached my belt on the leather so it stays in place!)
-The short needs weathering.
-holster strap adjustment.

and then, maybe....I'm finished!!

Thank you RBF for putting up with my wining and the luvely pictures!

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12 years ago

Xavietta ^^ I totally know what you mean, Lara cosplays take ages to finish lol Looks good so far :)

LadyCerbero Great Lara *O* perfect details..i love the top ^^ Nice pic and pose ^_^

fly_aguilera amazing! very sexy lara!

Luce You are gorgeous :)

Hanami wow you look so much like her *_*

Choi You are an Amazing Angelin.. Lara Croft !. Nice costume .

MissTyque jolie photo! tu fais une jolie lara!

CloudZlight You make a great Lara, your costume is awesome!!! I love it!!

croftcosplay I love all your cosplay =) J'adore tout tes cosplay =)

laracroft41 You are a great Lara ! And thanks for your comment ;)

croft_woman thanks babez :D whoa loving this! You've even got the pose spot on, brilliant!

rpmsauron very pretty!!