How Do You Like 'Dem Arms!

How Do You Like 'Dem Arms!

Groooooooup picture (minus 1 Jet and a Clive from Wild Arms 3) of our big Wild Arms cosplay group at Minamicon 14 here in quaint old England. Bless! A lot of wild west fun was had. I'm the doofus with the blue animoo hair and sword.

Back L-R - Amy Lou, Princess Mark, Nietsche, Liathe, Takuropop, Delusional, Heero Masaki
Front L-R - Fatkraken, summoner_eilidh, Odangochan, Angelphie

The hotel that Minamicon is held at is absolutely rubbish for photographs, so it's slim pickings for pics. Thank you to Nert from Many Lemons for this image. He's made of win and citrus.

Lady Harken, Greg, Dean, Enil, Anastasia, Beatrice, Jet, Lucied, Yulie, Avril, Rebecca
Wild Arms
Wild Arms 2
11 years ago
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