You've Been Tangoed

You've Been Tangoed

Photograph of most of our Disney group at London Expo. The orange guys behind us were working for Nickelodeon as the Kids Choice Awards were happening at the very same time. They were really awesome and I ended up singing Disney songs with them XD It also meant that we got to make a lot of young kids happy (especially with the Princesses around) they loved all of us except Jafar, who made them cry!

Thanks to Redkun for the photograph <3

Disney Characters
Oogie Boogie
The Nightmare Before Christmas
11 years ago

Lady Muramasa XD, are you serious Jafar made them cry? Good job on the costume, if I was a little kid now, I would have been thrilled.

PapercutPerfect WOW, you guys all look so amazing! :D

_Peppermint_ The Jafar is awesome! Although the wya he's looking at the camera scares me a bit XD All the costumes are great! ^^

divine_fanaticy sweet! you all look awesome!

summoner_eilidh WE ARE SO DAMN COLOURFUL D: *eyes burn*

lilie boogie oogie is wonderfull!**