C'mon Ride The Train!

C'mon Ride The Train!

I love Maetel and I'm so happy with how it turned out. The costume was somewhat simple, so I tried my hardest to get the details right. My favorite part are the eyelashes <3

Yay old school cosplay~!! :D

Galaxy Express 999
Maetel from Galaxy Express 999
10 years ago

Runi-Chan You were the Maetel my friend and I were talking to on Saturday night! (We were the Yuuko and Himawari who did the skit in the Masq). Your Maetel is absolutely gorgeous, if I didn't say it enough in person. It made me happy to see someone cosplay from the 'old school;.

SailorAnime Maetel! You look gorgeous! *_*

Cobheran You looked like Leiji Matsumoto himself drew you :D

Hanyaan I love you so much for doing Maetel! I totally was spazzing on the internet when I saw you on the various con coverage. OMG the eyelashes. You win.

Miaka-li Yaay another Maetal *__* You did an amazing job on all the details! Great costume!

Sweet~Pea She liiiiives. You're one sexy mama and a medium jealous fatty lolz I loved this costume, those lashes were intense and that is the best prop ever :p

banditYinG woah! the lashes really adds in the feel of the character! ^^

Sakaki Oh, thank goodness, I'm not in the background, stuffing my face with a fruit tart. I was worried.

neoangelwink so pretty hug ^_^

Selphie_fairy Who is that sexy lady? :3

Ladywolframpant oh my god! your maetel looks AMAZING! the eyes! everything! p.s. are you coming to AX again this year? i hope so <3