the finsihed battel rifle ready to go
and i'm rather pleased with this one.

Master Cheif
Halo 3
12 years ago

phantomthief Good LORD you're just putting these things out! ~Ari-chan

Terumi Wow. That looks really nice. I'm impressed!

M0g777 I soooooo WANT!!!!! =D It looks great ;)

Angathol Awesome, man! :D Go kick some ass now, hahaha.

Glay WTFFF You could kill someone with that thing!

~LaDy_LoCkHeArT aw geeze, thats spazzmatastic! hahaha its soo awesome!

MaiSheri He is going to LOVE that thing! Awesome job, once again!

Nency waaaaaa T___T I too want such gun =)

Ex-S Cosplayer um...you're like a genius with cardboard? I still doubt what my eyes are seeing. Freaking aMAZING job dude, you win...you just win man... So does this mean you're considering a Spartan cosplay?

Luce Yet another fantastic prop o_o

Alfhild Good lord, man. Every time you do a killer job. Fantastic!


Jack Hellcrow damn it u did it again =D by the way u look in great shape working out hum! \o

VisualGoth Love your gun!!!!!! *nyoooo~~~~*

SailorGaia I pity the fool who ever dared break into your house.... He'd see all this stuff and really think you're crazy-badass to be packing so much heat. Probably cautiously escort himself out. ^^; It's just cuz they look so real, dude!

Ikari Gendo OMFG! you never cease to amaze me, another great job!

Tsuyosa Wow man.... you have outdone yourself on this one. There are few fire-arm type props that are scratch built that I can say really look REAL. This is one :) Congrats...

Crimson Angel You, sir, are a genius.

natnoj You've lost weight! This looks AWESOME please teach us how you painted it!

Mathshoo r u going to make Master Chief Armor?

Sean Bradley The 405th has envy. Well done, sir!

Sgt Stakas Holy mother of cosplay... you are the hotglue king!!!! love the awsome work .

Angeal thats freaking awsome

HUNK--USFAU Errr, Can ya help a ODST fan out and tell me how to make one ^-^;

FuRrY321 I might send you an email in the future for a Spartan costume (or at least a few weapons). In the meantime, can you tell me how much the BR alone would cost? The reason I say "in the future" is because I doubt I'd have enough for a whole SPARTAN-II outfit+props. ^^; But seriously, I know this was a while ago but GOOD JOB!