Me as Tifa Lockhart-Final Fantasy VII

Me as Tifa Lockhart-Final Fantasy VII
@Angel Tifa

Thanks to my friend stefaniecat, I now have one of my best photos of me as Tifa Lockhart ^__^. Funny enough I was only casually stretching and she comes up to take a pic because apparently it looked flattering. At first I was like "okay...". After I saw the results I was so happy and my positive reaction was "*__* :D!"

Me (Angel Tifa)-as Tifa Lockhart/Final Fantasy VII

Tifa Lockhart/Tifa Lockheart
Final Fantasy VII
Tifa Lockhart
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13 years ago

Albel-Nox what no commets!!!! the pic is T-H-E L-O-V-E thats one of the best tifa pics i ever seen *,* so pretty

Bribble You were just stretching? It looks like a great tifa pose! It's a really really great picture! You look so like Tifa

Angel Tifa Thanks guys ^^. Bribble, yep I was really stretching ;) (doing a leg stretch exercise).

Böörb Whoa! You make an amazing Tifa! That pose is very good and it fits her and you perfectly! ^_^ I imagine Tifa doing that everytime in the morning before she steps up into her Bar ;). Or bevore fight or... Well, I really love that pose ;).

Amidoji This a wonderful shot. You look fantastic as Tifa. And the photo look like something she would totally do.