Kei [Dirty Pair]

Kei [Dirty Pair]
@Jia Jem

Some flash photos from the hallway. :P I love that gun; I bought it for my Tank Girl cosplay last year, but ended up not using it. A little spray paint made it perfect for this costume. Yay, dollar store squirt-guns!
photos by David "Mobius" Fanning

Dirty Pair
10 years ago

Arlette HOT! No one ever does this version! You rock my asssssssss!!! Did I mention it's hot? Because it's hot.

Splenda Wow, you look really really awesome. Of course, everything you do looks awesome! Oh yeah, and the color of that wig is beautiful too!

ravenmist OMG wow. Yay for Dirty Pair cosplays!! I love that wig.

Avianna Hehehe, I used a dollar store gun, painted in miniatures paint, for my Silent Hill costume. Cute. I like the one with the collar! :P

Sashi You're the best!!!This costume rocks!!I'm such a fan of Adam Warren's Dirty Pair and you did such a great job with this costume!!! XD I'd eventually like to cosplay as Yuri but in their latest steal bikinis :)

Kuragiman YES! Dirty Pair cosplay is the WIN. You did a great job!

Gackto-sama Hawt+ * ö *

Isadora Da sexyness in person^^

shi-lian dudeeee you look great!! i want to make a confession: i ve been checking out all the costumes that you and Lime barb have worn ... and you ve been my inspiration...meaning, i ve been trying to copy them LOL

Elaïse You are too hot dear, I love^^

Deval nice ^.^

Patastrophic It was great meeting you and Brian at Ohayo. Dirty Pair + JiaCrens = better than a chocolate statue of Elvis You just lost the game. Well hell, 2 out of 3 amirite?

Jia Jem thanks, everyone. :3 Glad to see love for the DP! And Sashi... I *do* have that one planned... but for Dragoncon. I don't think I can wear that to a... um, family con. :P Hello, body adhesives!

Quita Wow. Oldschool! It looks so awesome!

Mobius Wow, what fun it was to be able to shoot you in this costume! The whole thing is just.... awesome....

Fire Lily Wow - now that's hot! You look amazing.

lunaladyoflight hehe you and I are now secret lovers :PPP

Romaniac That costume was too hot :) Are you coming to Katsu?

Hilary You are the only person in this hemisphere that can pull that costume off.

Space Lion Jia + Dirty Pair = CRAZY DELICIOUS

EastCoastKing The hair kind of reminds me of Elvira

InkyLink You are so cool. XD -InkyLink

HezaChan The wig is beautiful! I love the whole costume XD

Calibur Cool. Upload more pics of you as her. T'would be wise for shameless self promotion. (nod) (nod) ^_^