The weather is Mukuro Approved

The weather is Mukuro Approved

I can't stop ranting how much I loved the weather in Japan. COOL, DRY AND NICE.

Anyway, this is one of the rare few face shots that I don't mind posting. hahahha

Location: TFT
Date: 23rd Dec 2007

Rokudo Mukuro
Long Live Vongola!
11 years ago

banditYinG *sofa~* *runs off~*

Astellecia HOMG YOU COSED IN JAPAN? sho awesome!!

Cvy the right colored camou tee that almost every mukuro cosplayer got it wrong LOL! LOVE YOU AND YA WIGGIE

Kanasai* Seriously, You're really hot in this shot.

mirukuchabake banditYing → don't runnnnnn Astellecia → lol yeah we did. But it was for cheaper entrance fee!! Cvy → each time I see your comment I want to laugh! But thank you XD Kanasai* → no man, I was freezing. HAHAHA but the jacket kept me warm though XD

Lynn.A SHUAI! *nosebleeds*