See, Abel went and joined the Rosen Kreuz Orden and became a villain. And then Lilith showed up, magically resurrected. And they had to have a fight, but the only weapon at hand was...Sister Kate!

Possibly the most tortuous setup for a cheap visual pun EVER. :D

Abel Nightroad, Sister Kate, Lilith Sahl
Trinity Blood
Sister Kate Scott
Sister Kate Scott
11 years ago

phantomthief W. T. F. You are... all SO amazing... Er... How the heck did Inoli-chan DO that!? O_O ~Ari-chan

Mangochutney Heh. I'm kneeling on the little platform there with my skirt poofed out to camouflage it. It took three people to get my unwieldy self up there, but Abel's mighty hurl makes it all worthwhile. :D

Zaxuku XD You guys are so awesome. Thanks for the comment, Holly-san! Quick Lilith, pull out your rocket launcher..or something! Wait..kiss Abel!

Fenix42 LOL!! XD

J Ryoga Daaahahahahahaha! The costumes are great and the setting was just begging for it. I approve this pun.

paper cosplay it also kind of looks like sister kate is shooting balls of energy

Kitsune I thought the same thing as paper, and it amused me greatly. XD So my first thought was Sister Kate being a gun, but she works great as a bludgeoning item, too! Thus, the posing on this photo is great. I giggled. :3 I love the costume, too (as seen so well in "Would you like some tea"); it looks great, and your enormous amounts of "bling" really bring it all together. XD So, uhm, summary: great job, you look awesome, and this photo is made of win.

neoangelwink cooool ^_^

Sephirayne I love this photo. the planning and painstaking poseing was worth it. I would so love to meet you guys someday. Sephy x

Hikari_chan56 Oh wow! Totally epic! Great shot!!!!