~Cosmic Christmas~

~Cosmic Christmas~

Long time no see~ O_o;
It's been ages since I posted something and since I sew something~ U_U I am sorry~ I wanne be more active here, but I cannot. T_T

Anyways.. Merry Christmas, everyone! ^^
Just an older Cosmos Shot but I like this one a lot. ^^

Sailor Cosmos
Sailor Moon
Sailor Cosmos
11 years ago

6SempaIImoto9 Great shot! Very lovely^^

Terumi Very elegant <3 I like all the details (Even your nails look pretty!)

Aramitama Amazingly beutifull! *_*

StargazerGemini Wow.. great job

EndlessNights Very beautiful ^^ Merry Christmas, too o^-^o

klytaemnestra Gorgeous my dear. And Merry Christmas!

Shirak cool picture!! Fröhliche Weinachten! ~__^

pearle Pretty Sailor Cosmos Cosplay~~~~~ Merry Xmas to u~~

Pink_Lightning This picture is so beautiful <3

UsagiNoSenshi Merry Christmas! I love your Cosmos so much! <3

rosabella So gorgeous!

Leandaradara aaah the beautiful elsch again^^ merry christmas you too^^ i hope you'll find the chance to get more active on sewing^^ i really adore your costumes and love to see your awesome and beautiful pictures^^ (uh Oo and you've already got tons of comments xD )

FrozenNight So beautiful *_* and Merry Christmas!

seely that's soooo beautiful *___*

Lumnae beautiful shot*__________* and merry kurisumasu~ ^-~

mercure Beautiful *.* ~&#9829;&#9829;&#9829;

chimei very beautiful shot

sodenoshirayuki SAILOR COSMOS AWWWWW! BEST SAILOR COSMOS EVER!!!! I LOVE IT SOOOO MUUUUCH. seriously, the details of your outfit look flawless! everything!

celestial Ceres So so beautiful *__*

MitzyBunny OMG! BEAUTIFULL! This is a very amazing Cosplay. Wonderfull job. Geez! I'm so envious!

ShiNo_Usagi Very Pretty ^__^

Biscuit beautiful~!

banditYinG Lovely~!

Albel-Nox awwwwww~~~ elschi *.* *steals you*

neoangelwink lovely ^_^

Aleera Well done Cosmos and the shot is well composed.

xKasumix Beautiful! This is so lovely! *O*

Kirschwasser I love how I can see the pattern on the sheer fabric in this photograph. It's all so pretty.

danutza gorge<a target="_black" href="http://imagenes.suhi5.com/angeles/gothic-angel-58285"><img src="http://recursos.fotocajon.com/enchulatupagina/img002/QqDtz5ZDZrhP.jpg" border=0 title="Imagenes para hi5"> <br>Imagenes para hi5 - suhi5.com</a><br>os^^

Marmota Lovely &#9829;_________&#9829;

Anime_Babe Too beautiful...Just...Stunning to my eyes

Cvy so pretty!!!!

Ranma 1-2 Breath-taking..So gorgeous.

EngelMizu more then beautifull elsch x3

WindoftheStars So serene and beautiful!

seawaterwitch OMG....Sooo Pretty ^___^ I'm stunned ;D Awesome Picture

Mayummi OMG! *____* I can't describe it.

Angelica so pretty! ^^

Tazzie Huhh OMG You are so beautiful and I love the details on the costume! WoW! (=^.^=)b

Henkersbraut you make a wonderfull cosmos!

GorgeousAstro Simply beautiful!! O.O

Mail_Jeevas Wow that is a really amazing shot @[email protected]

MakuroShin Beautiful Serenity!!

usakou amazing ^-^

Zaira Lovely costume!

Assara This is the most beautiful shot of this amazing Costume ! It's marvelous !