Alucard from Castlevania. Modeled by Frenchy and made by me ^_^ Photos are by Kyle. This one was fun... The make up fiasco was gruesome on the first day... but on the second day it looked better since I was able to run home and get the ACTUAL makeup I bought for the costume and not some old crap I had that was 2 years old.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
10 years ago

AFadingDream Castlevania is so amazing, and your Alucard is breath-taking. Great work!

Visual Doom sotn was one of the best in all the series. very good alucard you look extremely androdynous i wouldnt know either if you were male or female. and btw i honestly hate aeris but you pulled her very well too.

Ikariya Awesome attention to detail! Excellent job =)

Kazukii Wonderful costume! O:

RoxyDirKaoru AWSOME Alucard!

LadyCerbero OMG!!! I LOVE ALUCARD!!! gret job *.*

malro Awesome cosplay!!! ^^

ff7sam Looks awesome! ^^

maggifan COOL!

klytaemnestra I hate dealing with white makeup, especially if it's cheap. I swear James can't keep that stuff on to save his life either. I've said it before, but this is awesome.

Vani man, i remember that makeup story. sucks! :( but regardless, he looks AMAZING! beautiful work!!! <3

anablackcat Woah! That's AMAZING!!! *O*

Turk_Katie_22 Wow that is amazing, wow u look good

Turk_Katie_22 lol I thought that was you, well he looks amazing, sorry about that. It's a very awsome costume though, I love it.

Angelica looks amazing! ^^

VampireHunterD Awesome work lovely cosplay

karmacoma WOW. Dude looks EXACTLY like Alucard would look if he were real. You crafted an incredible costume.

tary belmont I love Alucard and your is very beautiful

fly_aguilera AMAZING! nice pic!