Hero of Time

Hero of Time

Um.... so here's another picture <_< :D

Photo by Rob of livewire-productions.com

I like this one because it looks like I just entered a new area of a dungeon.... about to go do some questing ^_^

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
LOZ: Twilight Photoshoots
11 years ago

PapercutPerfect Wow *melts in a big pile of goo* You're an amazing Link.

Rukia. your Link is awesome! ^-^

Forcebewitya man this is so beyond cool!

MoogleBoy Wow, you really did find a perfect spot. Looks like it came right out of the forest in TP. Also, your costume is flawless as far as I can tell. GREAT job! :D

Rikku-chan I LOOOOVE your Link!!! your wig is PERFECT!! it's like you popped out of the game and brought the scenery with you XD

Zoroko You definitely got the right atmosphere going on! And the shield just looks sooo awesome with the rest of your costume.

dandlit gorgeous Link!

Adella it so pretty.... me want...

Nency you look steeply!

PikminLink this is a really cool shot :D

The-Real-Link Reminds me of running through a temple or something ;) *has to agree with Pikmin* ^^.

negativedreamer you better be at megacon for the nintendo final fantasy shoot!

kyandi-chan This shot is WAY PAST COOL!

hellozombie you're a great Link for sure! awesome job! :D

Blue Sasarai amazing link, great job!!

erocksan-link cool shot man

FantasyNinja oh WOW! you make such a wonderful Link!! ^__^ great costume and great photo!!!

Yusura perfect link *__*

Aya Brea X Nice! I love the details on the outfit and the leather parts. *thumbs up*

kaika I really love the background of your shot! Awesome location = pwnage! Great work on ur costume & props too *_*. Am loving ur expression :D

~LaDy_LoCkHeArT awwwwwww shiiiiit. you freakin rock!

Queen Anime 99 Made of win. :D Your Link is awesome.

Jagame Best Link ever!

Maeyu You are so awesome! That costume is spectacular.

DarkLink4009 wow, this is very very impressive, by far best link costume ive seen. excellent job my friend!

klayr You are a fantastic Link. Great work!

neoangelwink handsome link ^_^ is handsome

Crystalike stunningly perfect Link!

Dante-chan hero, temple, sword, danger? sexy? nice lighting too

Dart:Dense Boy great costume!!

kalasha Amazingg!! And nice chin. xD

Siemari One of the best Link cosplays I've seen! :3 Wow! Amazing job!

lunaishtar Gorgeous *¬*

kawaii_ringo Your costume looks so perfect! I agree with everyone else that says it looks like you came out of the game ^__^

Angeal thats an amazing job wow

Chocobo chic YOU ARE HOOOOOT! OMG **drools**

LexiRia You're probably the best Link I've ever seen. And there are a lot of Link's out there. *applaud*

smornge Awesome!

Meruz Your Link-ness is OVER 9000!! ;D

BrigetteDV1 You are amazing. And I wish to glomp you.

Misaki Asamiya you are the most amazing Link I ever saw *o* Loved sooo much!

PsychoLove Perfect Linnnkkk ;_; ;_; /melts

Blood_Sword Wow, you are the BEST Link I've ever come across... just really, this cosplay fucking blew my mind. o_O So perfect. You're not even a cosplayer anymore... YOU ARE LINK.

Neko-Zombie dude I love your link!

Nova139 I have no words...it's so cool. &#1058;-&#1058;

Zouziias I love it! Not only are the costume and props phenomenal, but you're actually a guy! Finally! A great Link cosplayer that's a man!