*dramatic angle*

*dramatic angle*

Probably one of my favorite pictures of this outfit<3

Though it does make me sad that you can clearly see that my gun is not any well-made prop, but a Naboo Blaster from Star Wars xD Oh wellz, people liked it xD

Burst Angel
Crazy Burst Angel~!
11 years ago

paper cosplay burst angel cool love the outfit cowgirl

ceruleandraco yay! meg!! she's rocks so much, i can't wait to see the OAV. *curses school*

Evadoll Oh, you're a great Meg!

Catzilerella This is a good shot~ You look great!

AnimeAngelBlue Very nice lines on the top on this costume... it really looks nice and clean in the shots ^^!

FaeandMerfolk Total cuteness. I like your take on Meg's costume. Its tasteful. LOL While not an exact duplicate it definately shows who you are going for. I have also seen people who you couldn't tell who they actually were supposed to be and I've seen people who have tried to be exact that haven't pulled it off this well. Good work.

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