Finished! (With a poor photoshop job!)

Finished!  (With a poor photoshop job!)

Well, here it is. I still couldn't find any plain pink fabric, but I have around 6 more months till Fanime. I'm going to need it once I have it, though--with all my working out, it's actually getting TOO loose, especially around my waist. And it's not even that much of a difference; barely half an inch, and I need to make sure it doesn't slip and start wrinkling! :D

Anyway, on the bad photoshopping: I tried desperately to get the designs on the hibiscus the proper color--I used Venetian Gold paint instead of normal gold, and it has a really nice burnished look in real life, but even without flash it ends up looking almost white in pictures. I spent fifteen minutes trying to get the right shade of gold before just giving up and recoloring the shade darker yellow.

13 years ago

strawberry neko very lovely obi ^^

Sharysa I'd just like to say how glad I am that neither of you mentioned the half-eaten apple. :D Also, thanks a LOT--I'm proud of my obi since it's the only piece of my costume that didn't need extreme remaking.

artisticpsyco Wow, I love your hibiscus! It sits so perfectly... @[email protected] what's it made out of?

Sharysa I made it out of paper-mache and I glued it to my obi. XDDD