New boots!

New boots!

I found the PERFECT boots at Wal-Mart for my Summoner Yuna cosplay. They're knee-highs with 1.5 inch heels, which is a HUGE improvement on my old ones with 3-inch heels, and they also have rounded toes instead of chunky squared ones like my old boots!

They're also REALLY comfy. I can wear them for an entire school day with only mild discomfort, instead of spending the classes after lunch with tortured legs. :D

I look kind of bored, but the important thing is that you can clearly see my boots. Self-timer is WIN.

13 years ago

Doctor Blind I actually like this shot, it's so candid it's almost posed, if you know what I mean? Looks kind of like a shoe advertisement.

Sharysa Summoner Yuna gets her boots at Wal-Mart! They have a bad reputation, but they have really good shoes for cosplay.