'Coz I'm Tha Boogie Man

'Coz I'm Tha Boogie Man

Thank you to Mediev.net for the photograph

Taken during our Bar One Cosplay Disney performance.
Wearing this costume made me want to dance *_*

Oogie Boogie
The Nightmare Before Christmas/Kingdom Hearts
Oogie Boogie
The Nightmare Before Christmas
12 years ago

Leon S. Kennedy OOGIE BOOGIE!!

CrystalNeko Kya! Amazing cosplay!!!! It's so perfect! *o* Wish I could have gone on the saturday now! >o< I would have so loved to glomp you XD

XMoonLilyX I love you for doing this. Seriously. O.O Yaaaaay! ^_^

Relion I want to hug you! xDD Must have been hot in there though *_*

Takuropop Thank you all so much *^o^* Relion-Rinoa: It was incredibly hot. My friends told me I went purple XD But it was well worth it.

Rosebud That is REALLY awesome! O_O

AmazonMandy Dude, this is amazing. Totally amazing.

Mirromaru Awesome!! I love the belly, it's so perfect!

silenthillnurse That is soooooooo amazing!

Angathol Ahh~ I loved and hated the Oogie Boogie at the same time. xD But you did a wonderful job! You look like you're dancing here, which gives me bizarre mental images, rofl.

Takuropop Angathol - Thank you! I did dance for people when ordered...like a monkey in a fez. D:

mr-kobayashi Mate, this is just amazing!

FrozenNight Your Oogie Boogie is amazing! *_*

Pumpkin-Ed it's partly better than mine.

cpmarmalade Come on now! Thats the way we like to fuck. ( I am just trying to say you rock).

Feena-chan owwwww coooooool *.* gorgous ^o^

neko-neko this is amazing! I love it *~*

Riikku Great!!!!!