Face Off

Face Off

Action shot during the masquerade at London Expo, James (one of the masquerade organisers who is incredibly tall and lean) suprised me in a Jack costume *_*

Jack & Oogie Boogie
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Oogie Boogie
The Nightmare Before Christmas
12 years ago

strawberry neko yay!! ^^

Silantre When I saw you, i almost ran in the opposite direction i was so scared XD, seriously awsome cosplay guys, unfortunatly I didn't see your skit, but heck with cosplays like that I'm sure it was awsome ^^ But tell me you must have been SERIOUSLY hot in that cosplay o.o

Yo-Yo OMG. XD You're amazing!!

Lei-yone Hahaha! This is the best! This Oogie Boogie is so impressive! My friends would've went crazy if they had seen this in person. XD

mogwai_k this costume was amazing!!!! you must have melted in it. i saw you in the que for the masquerade and you looked like you needed some cold water chucked over you. ^_^ but seriously you have skill!!

grayskull8 i have to say this oogie boogie is truly amazing it was grate to meet you at expo

Queen Anime 99 Awesome!

neko-neko *________*