Part of Our World

Part of Our World

A photo of our Disney group sans Peter Pan (Angelphie) and Jasmine (RachelMei) outside of the Excel Centre at London Expo.

Oogie Boogie has been one of my dream costumes for years now, and I hope I did him justice. All those years of playing rugby and hockey paid off as the fatsuit I was strapped into underneath weighed a few kgs and I was running around, dancing and hamming it up for hours. I loved every minute of wearing this with my friends and was so overwhelmed and happy at the public response.

Oogie Boogie - me
Jafar - Nick
Aladdin - Prince Mark
Cavin - Nietsche
Alice - Summoner Eilidh
Ariel - Kirito
Belle - Ai Honey
Snow White - Odangochan

Thank you very much to Adziu for the photograph!

A whole bunch!
Oogie Boogie
The Nightmare Before Christmas
12 years ago

KamiKazeKage your costume is awsome!

Straywind Great group! I love your Oogie Boogie costume! I'm a HUGE NBC fan and I think you did an awesome job on your costume. You rock! :3

Scurvy Dog That is the coolest costume! Your Oogie Boogie costume is Awesome, the rest of your group looks great too!

Adziu Oh wow, you were that Oogie Boogie? It was such an incredibly awesome costume! Many congratulations on it - you guys were such a great group!

vampirate Wow! Nice Oogie!

Sweet~Pea Oogie for the win! You just made my day ^_^

Manjou Yay for jazz bag man :D Great cosplay! :)

Merino I love the Orange candy bucket XD

Takuropop Thank you all ever so much for your lovely comments *^o^* I'm so happy.

wolf-child awsomenesssss,i love it!!!

Yo-Yo You have earned my heart. *0*

Sira-Elora Great job, it´s perfect! LOL

Yama-chan Wow, that's so awesome!! I love it!! The entire group looks wonderful, you must have had a lot of fun!

Queen Anime 99 I love this picture. :D And you definitely did Oogie justice.

Ryuzakifan whos the guy in the middle with the bear? beyond that its si Cool i never thought anyone would cosplay Boogie.