Boom Boom

Boom Boom

Another shot of my Yuna costume. ^^
I really like the gun my brother made (originally for my Rikku but well~ XD), everyone give him a cookie, ne? X3

He also made this shot, I really like the angle. ^^

Yuna (Gunmage)
Final Fantasy X-2
11 years ago

HaruVamp yay first!!! baby i just love and i MISS YOU!!!!! >.< call me!

Kuroudo_Akabane WOW! Amazing! You Rule! ^^

Kairi_Heartless Wow, great shot *___* Really like your costume and I hope to see it in real one day ^^ And your brother did an awesome job on the gun and the shot *__*

Rikku-chan BEAUTIFUL!! I LOOOOVE the colors of this costume!! and your gun is PERFECT!!

TomoeHotaru so awesome... wie immer halt *einfach echt nur total bewunder* *__*

WindoftheStars Wow that is amazingly awesome. So so cool!! I love it.

rosabella You look soooo gorgeous ^^

Asuma'sFire Niace

Xellie-Pooh Wow. Sieht wirklich endgeil aus. Von wegen keine gut Yuna. Du bist sooooo toll *love*

strawberry neko your gunmage is so cool X3!! I adore your wig!

neoangelwink so cute ^_^

AmazonMandy Wonderful cosplay!

Astellecia very nice!! love the gun XD

Isadora Like magic ;) Love the colors and you expression!

Kaitou_voler Wow Awesome shot :D Great costume and the purple fabric is soooo beautifull^^

Naruchi Lovely!!!! I love this pic!! Looks fantastic!! ^///^

Kuro-chan nice XD sehr cool^^ wie immer ;)

Psyposer This is one of the best dresspheres!!! *__* i adore this costume on you! *is fan* and congrats to youur brother! he seems to be very skilled~ ^^

Noema I love the fabric <3 XD... you know *kiss*

Noema and i love you ^^

Selphie yay for ffx-2 cosplay you make a lovely yuna =3

Tohru Mizuno That's an awesome gun! Many cookies to your brother! You make a great Yuna!

Crystalike Lovely lovely!!! ^^

Twilight_Angel Awww wow! Your so beautiful and you make a lovely Yuna!

-E-Chan- einfach nur..........genial 0_=

etaru You and your brother are full of SO much win! ;_; And despite the wig being inaccurate, you wear it so well that I wish Yuna's hair really was like that in-game!

Kirschwasser Whoa, I love the purple fabric. It looks irridescent! *_* You really cosplay Yuna beautifully! I love the hair, it's awesome because it's in a slightly different style. The angle of this photograph is really great! Your brother makes good weapon props! ^_^

Daiyame Out of this world, with the biles in the background! ^^ Nice Idea! You look so coulourfull! Tell your brother he got some great photo skills! *gives him cookie* *laugh*

ayanamilisa elsch you are too cute as yuna i especially love your hair!

Takuropop I loooove blue mage class, you look AMAZING. I want your gun!

Hee-Hee WAAAH! Everything looks amazing!! :3 You're the X-2 queen, m'lady!

Chandra You look cute with that wig! And I love your face expression, really pretty (die Fahrräder im Bg sind toll XD)

PapercutPerfect Wow... you make a beautiful Yuna! The fabric looks gorgeous, and the gun...! AWESOME.

Hikaru-Jan LOOOOVE IT!!

pho3nix You look so pretty!!


Panda-chan Amazing costume! ^_^

Ivy Isn't that the cutest wig ever, or what?? !! I love your cute smile :)

princemercury1 I absolutely love your costume! ^^

Dante-san *o* I love your Yuna.... so amazing!!

mochi-snack amazing, like always o ( * 3 * ) o

Rock nam Lee omg, that is amazing! :O

Fira you're always being the most awesome everything!

NiceBerry_Naomi AMAZING!

Yuffie_Suzume awesome :]

AkariChan *________* gibs zu ;__; du bist gar nicht von dieser welt~ du bist viel zu toll um von dieser welt zu sein >__<

-Lilla [b][i]You look so amazing here! Your costume is absolutely gorgeous~ Just a lovely Yuna! Very pretty! :D[/i][/b]

Alessa this is very nice looking! Awesome costume!

Sea Gong I like your cos~~~so beautiful~~

cammie_ A·M·A·Z·I·N·G love your cosplay &#9829;_&#9829;