Gunmage Yuna

Gunmage Yuna

My newest costume: Yuna Gunmage. ^^
Unfortunately this costume isn't finished yet. The boots are missing and the wig is wrong. T_T
I hope I can finish it soon. I am surprised that is looks quite ok, I amde it of fabric I had at home and the blue one's quality was sooo bad. >_<;

I like Yunas designs so much. ^^ But i think I am no good Yuna. XD

Yuna (Gunmage)
Final Fantasy X-2
11 years ago

Mirromaru You must be kidding! I have to admit I still think Paine suits you best of the three FF-X2 girls, but maybe that's only because you made more of her outfits? Anyways, it suits you really well, you make a great Yuna! :)

reita you look amazing in this!! *o*

† Wolfwood † Amazing! You are so pretty!

ceruleandraco despite not being finished, it still looks great. ^__^

CheshireCat Es ist ungewohnt wenn man dich als Paine kennt XD aber es steht dir ^^

BiZ It's very pretty~

chiisaiSaku hattest du das schon auf ne con an???? *sehen will* *sehen will* es steht dir wirklich ausgezeichnet und.. mir gefällt deine Waffe ^^

Aya_Fujimiya pretty cool!!!

Kula Ayanami I think you are a good Yuna, you have her sweet and cute face and looks adorable dressed as her!=) =*

DianA-sama I really think you do look like Yuna O_O And I like the costume, hope you can finish it soon~

Noema My gun!!! I like the background ;) *kiss*

mr-kobayashi This is amazaing, I loved your face in this pic! The costume is fantastic!

mero-chan You look amazing! And you look alot like her. ^o^

FrozenNight So pretty! *_* You make a great Yuna.

Chibi Ich find dich als Yuna sehr.. merkwürdig. Weiß nicht mal warum, ich finde es ist einfach nicht dein Chara. Alles in allem mag ich die Umsetzung des Kostüms aber gerne.

MisatoNpenpen That haircut seriously looks stunning on you! + that gun rules!

rosabella Sugoi!

mitsuki_sairen So many comments o_____o Oh, well, its not like its gonna change something if add one too :D Great job so far, looks good on you ^____^

Mao_Melissa I think you make a lovely Yuna and the short hair looks really good on you! I like the way that you've done the bottom of the sleeves. I know a lot of cosplayers have trouble with making them flare out just right but yours look very nice.

RoxyDirKaoru AWSOME Yuna Gun Mage! ^_^ I think you're face look Rikku-ish here, cause of you're expression. You can do her too! ^_^

strawberry neko You look so cute!! ^^! I really like how this photo was structured and all you're costumes are complete with detail and accuracy ^^

Yunny So pretty! *_*

AkariChan omg you're so pretty <3 I love your costume even it isn't finish yet~ I like the gun most *__* but it's a different one from your Paine costume oO!?

Rikku-chan for not being finished it looks INCREDIBLE!!!

neoangelwink hot ^_^

Fire Lily You look so cute! The colors are so vibrant and that gun is nuts!

Shizuku hm, yes, this wig ist not best, but just now, I like this costume *_* I'm waiting for your finished work ! ;)

Psyposer no no you're a great Yuna!! ^w^ can't decide if better Paine.. or better Yuna... ;w; anyway, the costume looks great on you ne!

Crystalike lovely lovely!

Kadza Neon YAY Elsch! Always doing great work my dear! Keep up that awesome style! Love and Peace!

Ikari Gendo Even if it´s not finished, it still looks wonderful great job!

-E-Chan- great work....baka, yuna suits you so very well ^^

Shina WAAHHH this is sooooo cool *.* you always look so perfect!!! you're making cosplay to ART *.*

Kirschwasser Are you kidding, I think you make a great Yuna!!! Love the costume & the pose! <3

Chandra OMG...ich bin zuerst voll erschrocken als ich dein neues Ava gesehen hab...bzw. hab ich das Profil angeklickt weil ich dachte "Die sieht aus wie die Mama von Elsch" XDDD und dann seh ich so...WOHA...das IST ELSCH XDDDD *dummes kä-brö is* - aber YAY....du machst dich super als Yuna....Great costume!!!! (ich schließ mich aber an @ Nadine ^^)

Sana-chan Looking amazing as always!

TotalHyperNinja wow absolutely lovely!! :]

Rachel Stevens hey Elsch You make a awesome Yuna and the yuna costume is sooo pretect and the great pose and i love the photo and the background it sooo cool i love it :D

Rachel Stevens think you for the comment

Endang It look perfect to me. O_o Great job! Your costumes are always so amazing! ^^

Hikaru-Jan My gosh you are so PRETTY! And you make a hot Yuna! *touches your arm with my finger and burns* yeah! =P

Hopie You're amazing. Period. <333

Sawi Das Cos ist wie immer toll geworden (auch wenn's noch nicht fertig ist!!)!!! Ist echt ungewohnt!!! Sonst nur als Paine kenn!! ^^

Yazmine awesome! O.O

Griever You look great!

Yuna-chani *-* This cos is very cute und cool ^.^

maggifan Elsch you look amazing in all your costumes! amazing!!

Cvy looking so fantastic and perfect as always ^^

Pichpi I love your gunmage outfit! It didn't look incomplete <3 and it suits you really really good *_* *nod nod* <3 <3 <3 <3 And the photo is something you call "picture perfect", ne? ^.^

StargazerGemini Impressive as always~