When I still had you

When I still had you

A glorious image (taken by LadyRayne) of the two most defiant members of Organization XIII.

I am Axel and my partner GingerAnne is Roxas with the Fateful Encounter Keyblade

Axel and Roxas
Kingdom Hearts II
12 years ago

danielzinhofern great costume and AWESOME weapons congratulations! ^^

Michela Wee, thank you!

*Shiva* Aries DEFINATELY APPROVES! Awesome photo, Michela! The angle just adds to the badass-ary.

Sana Leonhart You make a great Axel. Nicely done. WOOT! AXELxROXAS!

Michela Thank you very much! The angle is all Lindsay/LadyRaine's doing. ^_^ *Shiva* - I believe that Ares was much more present at AAC than Aphrodite, unless Aphrodite became the Goddess of super sweet dance moves without my knowledge.

Miki-san my goodnesss! this is all too perfect! those props look to die for!

Michela Wee, thank you! ^_^

Takuya_Havok *fit of hysterical squealing* WOW. You...waaii! Amazing! You're an INCREDIBLE Axel! You and Ginger, your coats, weapons....EVERYTHING is simply breathtaking! You shouldn't be allowed to look that good!

maggifan awesome keyblade!

Asuma'sFire exceptional work [email protected]#

BiZ Oh wow. Oh wow~This is..Beautiful. Fantastic. Such a wonderful shot!

Michela Thank you very much! ^_^

Chibi both of you look great!

Crystalike D'oh!!! beautiful weapons, coats that fit your waists perfectly (envy), and lighting!!!! *_*

MEGHANCLAPOINTE best couple out there. ;)

Endang The two of you look so awesome! :DD Glad to have been able to see this in person at AAC! ^^

neoangelwink hot ^_^

Michela Chibi - Thank you! Wai, you make such an adorable Halloween Town Sora. ^_^ Crystalike - Thank you very much! We made sure to fit the coats to ourselves as well as possible; the tailored look was one of the most important aspects of the costumes to us. ^_^ All you really have to do is fit the garment on yourself and cinch each seam until it is snugly fitted. Meghanclapointe - Thanks! Not even vicious beasts would ever tear us apart! We have the mighty lord CROM on our side! Mei Ling - Thank you very much! We loved seeing you too! You made a most adorable Namine. ^_^ Neoangelwink - You are truly amazing and kind hearted - I look up to you very much. Thank you again! I hope to see you again soon!

Michela Noooo! Please don't quit cosplaying; we would miss you! ;_; :::Hug::: Thank you very much!

Michela Yay! Of course we are going! We would not miss ConnectiCon for the world; it is one of Ginger and my favorite conventions. Please seek us out while you are there; we would love to see you!

KittyLee Simply amazing!!! The pose and the weapons, as well as the expressions are perfect!

Sharysa YUNA APPROVES OF YOUR BITCHING WEAPONS. Plus, your cosplays are totally awesome. I love your hair!

Michela Thanks! My chakrams excel at the act of bitching! XD

Cloudsgrl absoulutly amazing ^^, best Axel and Roxas I have ever seen, hope to see you quys at connecticon this year ^^

Izeekial Such an amazing level of detail in both costumes XD... I aspire to this level of cosplay :). Incredible shot too I don't think there is enough that can be said for how good this is!

Michela Izeekial: Waaah, thank you! Cloudsgrl: We would never miss a Connecticon! I hope to see you there! <3

Ranma 1-2 Yowsa! Fantastic. Lot of energy here. Great costumes and a lot of attitude. Looks like you really enjoyed cosplaying Axel. Those weapon props also look awesome.

Michela Cosplaying Axel with my partner was incredibly fun! Thank you!

StripperANBU that keyblade is pretty wicked. nice photo angle too,^_^