And the one you've all been waiting for...

And the one you've all been waiting for...

Tidus! I found him literally five seconds after I got to Fanime. Here's how I found him:

Me: *is tired and sweaty even with friends carrying my luggage* Thank GOD we're here! How long did it take us to walk THREE blocks?!

Tidus: *getting pictures taken*

Me: 0.o Tidus! OH MY GOD! TIDUS!!! *waves madly*

Tidus: *waves back hesitantly*

Me: XDDDDDDDDDD Rinoa!!! (to Raedyn, who's cosplaying her) Please please PLEASE take my picture with Tidus! It'll only take thirty seconds, I SWEAR!

[After getting our hotel keys and badges, we walk a HUGE block back to Fanime just so I can get a picture.]

Me: Yay, he's still here! *runs over* Tidus! Can I get a picture with you?!

At least three other photographers took our picture near the fountain, and it happened EVERY time we took pictures with each other. XD I'd run into AFadingDream and have Raedyn take a picture, and then people with cameras came out of nowhere. It was AWESOME!

Yuna: Me
Tidus: AFadingDream
Taken by: Darkain...?

Summoner Yuna
Final Fantasy X
Summoner Yuna
Fanime 2007
13 years ago

Rikku-chan aww! you both are SOO CUTE!! his hair is so spikey! I want to poke it O__O and I LOVE YOUR STAFFFFFF ^^

maggifan this is a nice shot!! I love the angle and you both look great!

Sharysa I feel SO short now that I'm looking at my pictures with him. Raedyn did a little bit of photoshopping to make me look less sweaty and tired. XD

Princess Blade Cuuuuute!! :)

Doctor Blind You look so short! XD But it's cute ;3

Darkain mmm, i always liked this photo. i thought it was cute. ;) and yeah, just call me "Darkain", it works.

Sharysa I have now found FOUR of the people who kept flocking over whenever me and AFadingDream took pictures together! They came out of NOWHERE. We'd run into each other and say "Hi, Yuna/Tidus!" Then someone would ask for a picture and at least three others would see us posing and get their cameras out. I'm guessing they thought we were at Fanime together. :D

Hitokiri Kenshin You both look great together.

Tazeredtiger Oooh, I like the angle of this shot, and you both look really good! <3 Absolutely adorable! :3

Endang Aww, the two of you look so awesome! Haha, I'd freak out if I found a male Tidus, too. XD

Angel Tifa You guys look great together here ^__^.