Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Old school photo! My first version of wig here! I used to be blonde! XD

I kind of shudder at the photo quality lol...but this pic helped me get wigged as Alice at Disneyland at my 2nd many years ago. Lol still don't work there but it did get me a little closer...haha.

*Official photoshoot coming soon!

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Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland
12 years ago

Yama-chan You look really cute! Such a lovely Alice!

LoveDr you make a great alice nice costume :)

kuro.rebe :D So cute!

Arielle Thanks so much! <3

kojirojames2004 Well, Arielle, that is kawaii!

Huntress so cute! I love it!

fly_aguilera Cosplay very beautiful and delicate! Very good! ^^*

MEGHANCLAPOINTE the resemblance is uncanny!

water_angel Omg, you are such an adorable Alice! I'd love to see a photoshoot of this costume as well! =3

Arielle Awww thanks so much everyone! water angel, you're right I should do a shoot of this one sometime-this was one of my first cosplays and it never even crossed my mind back then! Haha. Now that I'm a redhead I gotta get myself a good Alice wig, then I'll try to get the shoot done! Thanks!!! XD