Hi! I'm Penelo! ;3

Hi! I'm Penelo! ;3

Well, here it is! The Final Fantasy XII costuming I was talking about. I finished it a few days ago & yesterday was my only day that I could take a photoshoot for it.

I decided to choose this as my first pic to post (I have a lot of nice pics) because it shows off the front part of the costume. ^_^ The lighting that day was very bright, but it was the only time off I had! ^^; (I've been extremely busy with school & work.) But yes, this is the outfit Penelo wears in the ending movie. I loved it when I first saw it. I was originally going to make the Revenant Wings version but when I saw this (and saw how much more detailed it was), I knew I had to make it. <3 And YAY~, I actually made the sandals as well...she's has some crazy gravity-defying sandals, but I really had a blast making them. I'll post more pics as the days go by & I have this one pic in particular that really shows the sandals off. :3

Plus, I <3 FF12. It's my favourite RPG ever. This is my first FF cosplay as well. I really loved making this costume, it was a lot of fun. Now I will start working on Fran & Ashe. *_*

Final Fantasy XII
11 years ago

Master Zero COOL!

DarkIceLady You look so cute! ^_^ Your costume is perfect! *__*

rosabella Cute!

Elsch Dear, you look lovely~~ ^^ Penelo is a ncie character and you look so cute as her. ^^ (Thanks for your nice comments, btw~~ T_T *hugs* you're so sweet~)

Beverly Cuuuuuute!

Fatwetdog That looks totally great, way to go!

strawberry neko YOU LOOK PERFECT! i love it!! your costuming skills are incredible ^_^

Solaria It's so adorable! You look very cute as Penelo, and the costume is great.

Rikku-chan STUNNNING PENELLO!! I LOVE how you have the tattoos on your arms and your pants are PERFECT!! you're SOO PRETTY^^

cherryteagirl5 You're sooo cute!! ^_^ I love the intricate details and the gold trims!

PockyFairy Gorgeous! The ending costume is SO much more complicated than the RW version, and you did a super awesome job!

Lisu-chan Penelo!!! I actually choose the Revenant Wings version, because I found the extra details not that very much more pretty! And given, the arm tattoo was only going to get in the way for my other outfits!

Kirschwasser OMG, thank you so much everybody for all the great comments! I'm so happy you like this! <3 I <3 you all for such wonderful comments you've given me! I need to put up a new Penelo pic...hmmm, probably tommorow. ;) Lisu-chan - Oh, I <3 the details in this version. I had so much fun making them. (I'm a total detail freak...the more it drives me crazier,the better. lol, j/k.) I can't wait to see your RW version of Penelo! ^^ Oh yeah, the arm tattooing/paint was kind of a pain. It was hard to put it on myself, even with the stencils I made! ^^;

Crystalike ATASHLKCthasdlast sdASDTHASOCKCNSNtheiatsTHASDF. *_* @[email protected] My JAW DROPPED when I saw this!!! <3 THANK THANK YOU for getting every single detail right!!!!!!!!!! I really hope you wear this to AX 08 so I can meet you and squee over this costume!!! *O*

Yumee I'm so much in love with you penelo, best seen so far ! hope you'll post more pics ^-^ And thank you so much for the comment on my Penelo ^^;

NiceBerry_Naomi nice detail^^

Kirschwasser Crystalike - Ha ha, love your comment there. Thank you so much. ^_^ Yumee - Omg, thanks for saying that this is the best. That really means so much to me. XD NiceBerryNaomi - Zankyuu very much. :3

kabotin super cute o_O awasome costume!!!!

xKasumix You make such a damn cute Penelo! And I just love all the details on your costume! They're so much well done! Awesome job on everything! *O*

Neo-J Hey a new costume and a good one to how great. ^^ I like the details of the costume it looks perfekt and you looks awesome.

Disasterrific! YAY YAY YAY!! ^____^ I LOVE it!! It looks so great!! Especially the body marking.. things! SOO BEAUTIFUL!!

Rubeus Oh my wow! Haven´t seen it until now. (I´m not often at cosplay.com since the new design.) Adorable and top! Aaand So cute! *cuddles you* xD If hope we can meet some day (at a US or German Con) and make photos together! ^^

Fire Lily This is so pretty! I really like this design, and you look wonderful ^.^

[/Lélis] Very nice work on you Penello. I love FF12 and Revenent, and this version of Penelo is sooo cute. Your costume is very accurate =D

Yuna-chani beautyful ^-^

Hoshi-chan Beaytiful Paine!!! I love your cosplay ^^ And the air is perfect!!

Kirschwasser Oh wow, I hadn't realized that I had more comments on this. Thank you so much everybody. This costume was fun but now I can't fit into it because I gained 12 more lb (which is a good thing for me, actually). ;) Hoshi-chan - Ah! This is Penelo from FF12, not Paine. ^^;

Hoshi-chan Yes!!!!!! I know, I was wrong of name, but I know who is her xDDD I´m sorry ^^u

Sands ahhh wow you make a fab penelo, i love all the detail on this!

Chocobo chic yo did an incredible job! the details on the pants!!!!!!!!

Chocobo chic you did an incredible job! the details on the pants!!!!!!!!