red wings

red wings

I'M finished!!!!
I try to make a complet picture from my costume tomorrow. >.<

Cardcaptor Sakura
11 years ago

Feder Warst du beim Friseur? oO; Hey.. so ein Korsett hab ich auch! Um jetzt noch was sinnvolels zu deinen Flügel zu sagen: Toll, ich bin mla wieder neidisch. ;__;

Flowery D8 Those are the single most AMAZING pair of wings I've ever seen made. GOOD JOB. Wow. wowow. wow.

Space Lion Wow, very impressive!

† Wolfwood † And now new great wings!

Xellie-Pooh krass

RoxyDirKaoru OMFGZ! I LOVE those wings! *WANTS THEM!* *_*

xrysx awesome wings! they look fantastic

Furosuto wow o.o t just saw the cool wings and than i saw your name. amazing work :) i don't know how often i said it, but i love you =^.^= PS: nettes korsett *anhimmel* ;) so eins hab ich auch =)

Chibi willst du mir nicht mal zeigen wie man so tolle Flügel macht? XD

-Naraku- @ all THANK YOU SO MUCH *O* @ all with the same corsett YES I love it! XD @ chibi schreib mich per ENS oder sonst wie an und ich gebe dir ne anleitung ^.~

DianA-sama I just LOVE your wings ^__^ I saw you and the group at animagic & japanexpo too! Hope we meet again!!