Ahhh drink *_*

Ahhh drink *_*
Bender Futurama -Game 2005
11 years ago

LadyCerbero very cool Great job on the costume!!!

Janelle Ann this is a fantastic costume!

Adziu You are some kind of amazing genius. The good kind.

Gally Elo Excellent! I like futurama so much & Bender's character is cool! Good job!

Leadmill That is probably one of the most well put together and amazing looking costumes I have ever seen!

SheikLockhart Omg..thats awesome, how he even opens up and has drinks in there XDD I love it ^__^

Captain Sparrow Qu'il est beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ^^

Choi Ja ja , Bender cosplay, very original.

NekoMimiChan I've never seen a Bender cosplay before! This is wonderful, I love how you made the compartment in the front with the drinks ^^ It makes me want to do something like this too!

Old Trenchy WOW!!! I love Futurama (check out my Zoidberg) and that's such a great Bender cosplay!!! I LOVE IT!!! XD

Amicus Aurum This is just brilliant!!!!!

JanKenPon PARTY ON BENDER! awesome

Meitachi This is so hilarious! XD

† Wolfwood † LOL! Funny and fantastic costume! =D

Leonhart42 My God....tell me that's a can of SLURM in there...