Feeling like the odd man out

Feeling like the odd man out

The lovely Lindsay/LadyRayne, Steve/Linker83, and Ginger/Gingeranne are Princess Zelda, Link, and Dark Link from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

...I am the crazy fish lady on top.

Thanks to Mach 13 of Deathcom.net for the photo!

Princess Ruto, Princess Zelda, Link, and Dark Link
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Princess Ruto
Princess Ruto
12 years ago

-Lilla Awesome!!!

Inuka nice group!! ^_^

Kitsoru Omg, they're all 'srs bizness' and you're 'LALALA' dancing along above them XD PRICELESS. Haha you guys are awesome /lessthanthree.

VampiricMosaic You all look absolutly amazing! Awsome job! ^.^

Michela Thank you very much! Kitsoru - It is because Twilight Princess is SRZ BUSINESS and I am still all, "LA LA LA OCARINA OF TIME IS STILL MY FAVORITE GAME I LOOK LIKE A FISH"

*Shiva* So much badass-ary going on here. Love it! ^^

Elsch awesome costumes~ *_*

xKasumix Awesome group! Very well done costumes! ^^

negativedreamer The awesome! I soo need to go to a con where you at.

Freya Kuro Neko That picture! all are brilliant