The Life Aquatic

The Life Aquatic

I at last donned my Princess Ruto costume again at Otakon 2007 and am most pleased that the memory could be commemorated as wonderfully as it did with this photo.

Princess Ruto
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Princess Ruto
Princess Ruto
12 years ago

Minako Aino Princess Ruto! *____* Awesome job!

Michela Thank you!

Kitsoru Oh, are you retiring it after this? :?

Michela Thank you very much! Kitsoru - Not necessarily; I actually thought that I would never wear the costume again after Anime Boston 2006 because it is very difficult to put on. There is a possibility that I could wear it again, but I would need a few more supplies first. ^_^

hailo You make one hot fish you know that?

Michela :Bubble: (Lulz, I seriously do not know what sounds fish make. XD) Y TNX. YOU DON'T LOOK SO BAD YOURSELF EITHER, you Ordon Village native, you!

Nyana You look great =) Ruto needs more love :D

Lady Ava The make-up alone floors me. It looks so flawless and beautiful. Everything is perfect. Just simply amazing!

HanyouKitty Otakon definitely has some best of the best cosplayers there and you are certainly no exception! Great job on the makeup, costume, and nice touch (....literally XD) on the glowing finger. You're still going to AAC, right?

Michela Aww, thank you guys! HanyouKitty - I am still going to AAC... hopefully, I can finish all of my costume for then!