The back of my obi.

The back of my obi.

I realized VERY late that I never got good shots of my obi. Ironically, it's the ONE part of my costume that doesn't need major redoing, despite being the last thing I worked on the week before Fanime.

A lot of Yuna cosplayers use bright colors for their obi (bright green AND pink AND blue, GLARING yellow, etc.), which tends to look gaudy in real life, so I left the little flowers out and I went with a paler yellow and matte green.

I'm very proud of the back, aside from that one little smudge on the center vine.

Yuna (Summoner)
Final Fantasy X
13 years ago

Airi This looks very pretty! I love the accuracy and the soft colours.

Sharysa Holy crap, I got a comment already! It's been what, thirty seconds since I posted this?! XD Thanks for commenting on this--I was a little nervous about not being quite accurate, but my obi got several compliments from others at Fanime. The costume satin also turned out nicely--it's not as OH-CRAP-IT-BLINDS-ME as some other kinds of costume (or real) satin.

Rikku-chan aww! so pretty! the designs look BEAUTIFUL!