Yay, Rikku!

Yay, Rikku!

One of the few solo shots I have of this costume, thanks to Redkun. It's sooo bright! Wish I'd had a gun though, would have helped with the uninventive poses!

Rikku Gun Mage
Final Fantasy X-2
Rikku Gun Mage
Rikku Gun Mage - Final Fantasy X-2
12 years ago

Dia Aw, you look adorable! Great job on choosing such vibrant colors for the costume.

LadyoftheThread Nice costume!

lilacwire Very cute! I love your wig!

Rikku-chan SOOO SOOOO CUTE!! I LOVE how colorfulyou look and how PRETTY YOU ARE!!!!!

Mao_Melissa Nice vibrant colors that really fit in with Rikku's personality. I really like the stockings and the skirt!

Crystalike Your Rikku is so cute!!! I love your wig!

Noema Love the colors! ^^ You look so cute!

Angelphie Yes, that was me! It was great running into your big FF group there ^_^

Ryuux SO BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW !! I want to make this cosplay now >< But I have so plans before XD