Photo by Stillvisions - thanks!

I know it's 'shopped some, but this is my favourite photo of the bunch. I love the way the black of the costume is blended into the black of the wall. Also, it makes my ass disappear. This is good!

Inara Sera
Firefly costumes
12 years ago

reannaremick Awww yeyyyyyyy! I'm so happy to see you do the gold one! I need to upload pics of my revamp of that one soon - I suck. *hugs* Someday we have got to be at a con together. It sucks that you live so far ;_;

Oselle Agreed!! I actually did this costume over a year ago, as a last-minute thing...it's pretty ghetto. But comfy!

stillvisions Glad you like it... though the shoppage is actually pretty minimal in this picture - basically some colour correction on you because the red walls play havoc on skin tones and maybe a spot or two. That's natural hotness there XP

Oselle Interesting! See how little I know about photography? ^_~

stillvisions It's weird... I don't get why some photos work like that and others don't. Now, for this one it could be because the noise reduction fuzzed out little things, or it just blew out the details. When people cry "good lighting, that's all" they're often lying, but sometimes it happens. Full disclosure - the first photo in this set (based on the gallery on my site) did have smoothing done; in that case, it was the lighting really shows up details and the smoothing helped that out. It created the look, however. I still never get it myself. There are times I want to put next to every photo in some sets "I swear I didn't do this in photoshop", and some where it's useful to maintain the effect. Maybe one day I'll get it ^^

Oselle Further interesting!! Whatever the combination of lights and settings and pose and luck, I dig the effect in this photo. ^_^ I'm fully game to the smoothing, by the by...those types of shots tend to pick up the flaws. And frankly, I'd much rather see a photo of myself that I like and know that it's shopped, as opposed to a photo that's true-to-life but all I'll focus on are the flaws.

stillvisions Yeah... everyone differs on it, so I try and keep things subtle. Unless the shot has that feel, I don't try and do the impossible beauty look, but at the same time, with this camera I can often count the pores on someone's face, and that's really not what people want in their portraits either... ...sometimes a lens can be a little *too* sharp [grin]

Eleryth I keep coming back to look. This one is (^$*&^#(*$%#(&^$T HOT. *runs off with you*