[Tank Girl]

[Tank Girl]
@Jia Jem

It's no craftsmanship feat, but I still love this costume! I have been a fan of the Tank Girl comics since I was 13. For those who don't know, the original artist for TG is Jamie Hewlitt, who also designed The Gorillaz. This is my homage to my effed up childhood!!!
This costume grew increasingly more popular as the night went on at Dragon*con. I lost count of how many intoxicated people wanted pictures of themselves licking my missles. T_T I tried telling them where they'd been....
Gun borrowed by the lovely PamelaNeko; photo by EBK!

Tank Girl
Tank Girl
Tank Girl
11 years ago

Avianna Hahaha, that's awesome. I was a pretty big fan of TankGirl myself. :)

kyandi-chan Nice rockets, TG! You look perfect in this! If I were drunk I'd lick those missiles too, haha. >w<

xKasumix Wow, you look gorgeous!! I love your impressions and this one is really amazing again!! * ___________ *

Elsch OMG! Yah for Tank Girl!!! X3

Chosuke Holy crap. That is awesome. I remember seeing the Tankgirl movie at my babysitter's when I was 5 or so. SCARRED FOR LIFE. I NEVER FORGOT THAT MOVIE. Years later I still think it's awesome.

Rynn I was going to make a boob, missle joke but...do I really have to? How is it you have the ability to make even the most insane character designs look incredible? And why the hell am I asking so many open-ended questions? Randomly, I've never seen your hair blonde before - it looks great!


Hikaru0 y'know...ages ago when I read a bit of tank girl, I always envisioned her bewbs actually BEING in the shape of those missiles. D: I'm leaving that thought there

jade_dragon *jaw drops*OMG best tank girl EVER!

AmazonMandy You're so cute, it was awesome to see someone do TankGirl justice..i was so happy to see it! :D

R1KKu Wow! I really love your hair.... Ok ok, I like your boobs too.

Arlette Best Tank Girl in the history of EVER. Please tell me you got around to meeting Lori Petty in this. XD

SvK That's unsanitary! No wonder so many people were getting sick after Dragon*Con.

ayanamilisa OMG!!! This is so awsome!

ravenmist AWESOME!!! Wow, I so walked by you like 3 times and had no idea it was you! Very sweet Tank Girl!

ChicoChan OH MAN! I love tank girl!! this is kick ass!!!

ChicoChan oh and for the record I would not need to be drunk to lick missile breasts! :P

† Wolfwood † Cooooollll idea! ;)

Nightengale37 Damn awesome!

Hitokiri83 Rocket boobs are always HOT!!! But that plushy won my heart! LOL!

Mihoshi_lady OMG you make an awesome tank girl! That has been a dream cosplay of mine for ages! I just don't want to shave parts of my head. lol! Great rocket knockers! :D

Böörb Hey Baldy what´s that with the sudden growth of hair on your head? XDD The rocket boobs! They are so awesome >_<! And you even have Camp Coala!

zzenn Very cool outfit.

Marion Ohoho!! Looks dirty! Great ;)

lucifers_shot I would have never imagined anyone doing a cosplay of her. Awesome job!


Ryuji Akagi my dear... you look AWESOME... this is a freak and great movie XD

TheAntsKnuckles I want to buy this.